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Meet the Multiplexx Team


At Multiplexx Technologies, our driving force is our dedicated team of professionals, each bringing a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence. Let's introduce you to the dynamic quartet that steers our company to new horizons...



Bernard Etherington

Founder & CEO

With an impressive track record spanning over three decades in the Enterprise Mobility sector, Bernard Etherington is a force to be reckoned with. His unparalleled dedication to offering stellar and timely service, even in the most competitive scenarios, has cemented his reputation in the industry. Under his visionary leadership, Multiplexx Technologies has evolved from a fledgling startup to a frontrunner in Enterprise Mobility and Professional Services.

The company prides itself on its adaptive approach, capable of catering to a diverse range of clients while ensuring projects are completed within budget and on schedule. At the heart of Multiplexx's success lies Bernard's commitment to pioneering infrastructure and his knack for inventive problem-solving, equipping the company to surmount any challenge.


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Phillip McLaughlin

Operations Director

Spearheading Multiplexx's warehouse operations for an impressive 17 years, Mr. Phil McLaughlin epitomises diligence and strategic oversight. As Operations Manager, he adeptly coordinates staff, oversees logistics, and ensures the seamless day-to-day functionalities of the organisation. With a keen eye for detail, Phil has successfully crafted and executed action plans and rollout strategies for an extensive range of projects.

His commitment to operational agility ensures that our customers are always equipped to swiftly adapt to dynamic workplace environments. Beyond merely addressing hardware and software challenges, he has been pivotal in fostering and managing enduring relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, further solidifying Multiplexx's standing in the industry.


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Lewis Etherington

IT & Marketing Specialist

Steering the digital and promotional trajectory of Multiplexx Technologies, Lewis Etherington stands as a beacon of expertise in both IT and marketing domains. Tasked with orchestrating the company's online footprint, Lewis masterfully directs our social media endeavors and spearheads expansive marketing initiatives, notably the influential Meta Blog.

In recent times, under his leadership, Multiplexx underwent a significant brand rejuvenation, amplifying its recognition in the Enterprise Mobility sphere. By astutely marketing our state-of-the-art products and services, Lewis aims to connect with prospective clients, offering them unparalleled services that promise to enhance operational transparency, streamline processes, and elevate overall business performance.


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Janice Etherington

Founder & CFO

Integral to the financial and administrative backbone of Multiplexx Technologies is Ms. Janice Etherington. As a Founder and the Chief Financial Officer, Janice has consistently been the cornerstone of the company's stability and growth since its inception.

Her expansive experience, spanning over 30 years in customer relations and financial operations, positions her as an invaluable asset to the firm. Beyond her financial acumen, Janice plays a pivotal role in nurturing and sustaining robust relationships with Multiplexx's clients, customers, and suppliers, ensuring seamless operations and mutual trust at every juncture.

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