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Leveraging more than 50 years of experience, the Multiplexx team provide unique enterprise mobility solutions designed to optimise your business. Our team has experience with the leading mobile device management software vendors, including Soti MobiControl, Vmware Airwatch and Ivanti Avalanche. We specialise in configuring and testing new and refurbished equipment in an isolated external environment, mirroring the local factors that our customers' devices experience on a day-to-day basis, allowing you to maintain your current system whilst ensuring your new equipment is fully compliant and error-free before you turn off or decommission the existing equipment.

Staging & Configuration Services for your Zebra Mobile Computers 


Handheld Computers

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Zebra mobile computers, the ultimate tool for improving efficiency in worker's hands. 

Vehicle Mounted Computers

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Zebra vehicle mounted mobile computers, maximise warehouse efficinecy for flawless fulfillment.

Wearable Computers

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Zebra robust wearble solutions, more productivity, more mobility and more flexibility.

Holsters & Cases

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Zebra, Motorola and Symbol Mobile Computing Device Accessories are available to order. Visit Store

With a combined over 50 years of experience across our executive team, and thanks to expert staff working with state-of-the-art facilities, Multiplexx can deploy thousands of devices each month and, to date, have configured and staged in excess of 5 Million devices. Our end-to-end mobile device management guarantees your devices are configured, kitted and deployed quickly. Our solutions can add value to your business in a multitude of ways, including significant improvements in efficiency, problem diagnosis & remediation, firmware & operating system upgrades, updates & licensing, and much more. All of this is in combination with a fast turnaround and worldwide shipping, typical product turnaround is just 1-3 days! Download Multiplexx Capability Statement

Staging, Configuration & Kitting Services

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MDM Enrolment
Cellular Activations
Device Personalisation

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Staging & Testing
Asset Tagging
Asset Management

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Battery Charging
Custom Kitting & Labelling
Inventory Management


What's the Difference between MDM and EMM?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) consists of a set of technology and processes focused on the management of mobile devices and wireless networks in a business context. Mobile Device Management (MDM) can be described as an underlying technology that remotely manages the lifecycle of mobile devices and their respective platforms. In most cases, MDM involves installing bespoke profiles on mobile devices, providing companies with real-time insights on critical information such as device inventory, system stability, battery health, administrative issues, and more.

Security & Peace of Mind

We work closely with a number of market leaders in different high-value industries, and as such, it is vital that our customers have peace of mind that their physical and intellectual property will be completely safe in our hands. We operate out of premises located on a fully gated and monitored business park, running 24-hour security & surveillance, level 3 accredited security systems, and the rapid police response to any appropriate incidents. This allows us and our customers to be confident that the devices, software, and information that passes through our doors will be safe from any malicious activities.


What is Hot-Staging?

Hot staging & configuration has become the new industry standard for companies looking to improve their level of efficiency and reliability in a working environment during the process of upgrading their infrastructure. This strategy involves working with an enterprise mobility management specialist like Multiplexx to plan out what infrastructure upgrades you want to do and the safest way to complete them with the stability and capability of your workflow in mind. We will work seamlessly with your project management team to construct a replica of your digital working environment within our secure network, and utilise this to configure, stage, stress test, and streamline any new hardware and/or software you are looking to implement.

Learn more about Hot-Staging in our latest Blog Post!


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