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All products associated with; ES400, MC1000, MC3000, MC3090, MC35, MC50, MC55, MC70, MC7090, MC7094, MC75, MC9000, MC9060, MC9090, MC9500, AP300, AP4131, AP5131, AP7131, VC5000

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Motorola MC67/MC65/MC55 Metal bracket, Belt Quick Release Clip 1

Product ID: 0000-0748

Motorola MC67/MC65/MC55 Metal bracket with Belt Quick Release Clip 1, keys and display are exposed.

RRP £ 14.57  


MC17 Holster, Plastic Buckle

Product ID: 0000-0961

Motorola MC17 Holster, Synthetic trolley holder, plastic buckle

RRP £ 7.12


Motorola ES400 (EDA) Padded synthetic case with screen flap

Product ID: 0000-0606

Motorola ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA), Synthetic Case with screen flap.

RRP £ 24.00  


Motorola AP300 and AP650 (int antenna) Bracket, metal, ceiling m

Product ID: 0000-0471

Metal mounting bracket for Motorola AP300 and AP650 (Internal Antennas)for ceiling mounting.

RRP £ 50.00  


MC9090S Case, Synthetic Padded Case with Elastic Gusset

Product ID: 0000-0722

MC9090S Case, Synthetic Padded Case with Elastic Gusset, Can use in desktop charger

RRP £ 28.00  


LS4070 700mAh Battery (Replacement for 21-19022-01)

Product ID: BHMO-0001

LS4070 700mAh Battery Replaces 21-19022-01, The H4071-M is a direct replacement for the OEM 600mAh battery that is used in the Symbol LS4070 Barcode Scanner. Minimum order quantity 10 off.

RRP £ 22.52


5GHz 10 dBi Gain Dual Planar Antenna, 2 x 1m Leads SMA - RP SMA

Product ID: 0000-0788

Differing Cable lengths and connectors can be supplied on request.

RRP £ 221.00  


3 Bay Battery Charger for the Motorola MC3000/MC3100 Devices

Product ID: CHMO-0019

GTS Batteries 3 Bay Battery Charger for the Motorola MC3000/MC3100 Devices

RRP £ 122.00


MC5590/A0/N0 Case with Screen Flap, Leather

Product ID: 0000-0896

Motorola MC5590/A0/N0 Case with screen flap, Leather. Features include; Screen Flap, D-Rings, Stylus loops, PVC cover, Belt clip button and hand strap

RRP £ 40.63


Motorola AP8232 Bracket

Product ID: 0000-1080

The new bracket for the Motorola's access point (AP8232) offers a convenient mounting solution. Ceiling / wall mountable.

RRP Call for Pricing


AP650 (ext antenna) Enclosure, Polycarbonate (IP66), Clear Lid

Product ID: 0000-0805

AP650 (ext antenna) Enclosure, Polycarbonate (IP66), Clear Lid

RRP £ 237.00  


Motorola MC70 (Extended battery) Case, Padded leather

Product ID: 0000-0633

Motorola MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA, Extended Battery) Case, Padded leather, dockable with Portable Charger without needing to remove device from the case. Fits model with; 2x B

RRP £ 34.00  


MC17 Holster, Belt loop

Product ID: 0000-0914

Motorola MC17 Holster, Ballistic Nylon, Belt loop

RRP £ 15.80


Motorola MC75 / MC70 Holster, Synthetic with velcro top flap and

Product ID: 0000-0643

Motorola MC75 / MC70 ext batt, Synthetic Holster with full width Velcro strap. QRC1 also attached. Fits model with; 2x Batt (BTRY-MC70EAB02, 82-71364-02), 2x Batt Door & Handstrap (KT-79429

RRP £ 31.00  


MC9200/9090G/9060G/9050G Holster, RAM for Forklift/ Vehicle Moun

Product ID: 0000-0937

Holster with RAM for Forklift or Vehicle Mounting of Motorola Symbol MC9200G / MC9090G/ MC9060G/ MC9050G

RRP £ 144.30


MC9500 Case, Synthetic, Padded, PVC keyboard cover

Product ID: 0000-0730

MC9500 Padded Case, Synthetic, 'D-Rings' for attachments and PVC cover over the keyboard

RRP £ 25.50  


MC75/MC70 1.5x Battery and Battery Door Kit

Product ID: BHMO-0032

MC75/MC70 Batt Kit-1.5x HMC70-Li(36) is a 1.5x battery for the MC70/MC75. It replaces the OEM 1x and 1.5x battery packs & offers significantly longer run-time Min order qty 10 off

RRP £ 41.40


Motorola MC9090K/S (No pistol grip) Top Mounted Cradle

Product ID: 0000-0505

Motorola Solutions MC9090K / MC9090S (No pistol grip) Top Mounted Cradle, U-Bracket The bracket comes with pre drilled holes so it can be secured to a work top or vehicle quickly.

RRP £ 92.56


50mm Webbing belt

Product ID: 0006-0013

50mm Webbing belt with plastic belt clip

RRP £ 6.41  


Motorola TC55 Case without Screen Flap

Product ID: 0000-1088

Motorola TC55 Case without Screen Flap is a simplified version of our 0000-1087 model. The TC55 Case offers features such as: Belt Loop and D-rings.

RRP Call for Pricing


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Motorola MC9200G / 9190G / 9090G Vehicle Top Mounted Holster

The best selling holster for the Motorola MC9200G / MC9190G / MC9090G Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA). Made from ballistic nylon for all day and everyday use.

RRP £ 176.40


AP650 (external antenna) bracket, metal, mounting solution

AP650 (external antenna) bracket, metal, clips into place, no screws required to mount AP650 to bracket.

RRP £ 50.00


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