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All products associated with; ES400, MC1000, MC3000, MC3090, MC35, MC50, MC55, MC70, MC7090, MC7094, MC75, MC9000, MC9060, MC9090, MC9500, AP300, AP4131, AP5131, AP7131, VC5000

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Motorola AP5131 Enclosure, mild steel, IP65

Product ID: 0000-0447

AP5131 Enclosure, mild steel, IP65, with sunshield. Perfect for enabling 802.11 networks to operate in harsh environments.

RRP £ 594.00  


Motorola AP300 Enclosure, Plastic, IP65

Product ID: 0000-0512

Motorola AP300 Enclosure, Plastic, IP65. This enclosure provides a protective housing for a Motorola Access Point or Access Port with provision for Cat-5 or Cat-6 LAN outlet, 3 glands

RRP £ 273.00  


Motorola AP300 Plastic Enclosure, IP65

Product ID: 0000-0441

Motorola AP300 plastic Enclosure (IP65) without sunshield.

RRP £ 347.00  


Motorola MC9000G, Holster, Vehicle Mountable

Product ID: 0000-0492

Motorola MC9000G Mountable Holster, attach to dashboard, wall or tie to post.

RRP £ 81.65  


Motorola MC70 (EDA) Holster, ballistic nylon, Left/right, trigge

Product ID: 0000-0535

Motorola MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) Holster, ballistic nylon, for Left/right hip use with trigger handle and belt. Extended Battery

RRP £ 83.14  


Motorola MC9000K(no pistol grip) Case, ballistic nylon, keys and

Product ID: 0000-0496

Motorola MC9000K Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)(no pistol grip) Protective Softcase, ballistic nylon, Keys and display exposed with shoulder strap.

RRP £ 56.91  


Motorola AP4131 Enclosure, mild steel, IP65

Product ID: 0000-0068

Motorola AP4131 Enclosure, mild steel, IP65, Mounting solution with sunshield

RRP £ 433.00


Motorola MC50 Case, ballistic nylon, keys exposed, shoulder stra

Product ID: 0000-0541

Motorola MC50 Case, ballistic nylon, keys exposed, shoulder strap

RRP £ 56.91  


Motorola AP300 (external antenna) Bracket (versatile mounting)

Product ID: 0000-0103

This mounting bracket for Motorola AP300 (external antennas) offers more versatile in the warehouse as it can be securely mounted to ceiling or wall.

RRP £ 46.00  


Motorola MC70 (Extended battery) Case, Synthetic, keys exposed w

Product ID: 0000-0545

MotorolaMC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA), protective Softcase, ballistic nylon, for Extended battery model, with keys and display exposed, on swivel belt

RRP £ 74.08  


Motorola MC9000K / MC9090K (EDA), Holster, leather for hip use

Product ID: 0000-0553

Motorola MC9000K / MC9090K Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) Holster Leather hip Holster with belt loop

RRP £ 35.00  


Universal ATEX/IECEx Flame Proof Enclosure Zone1/21

Product ID: 0000-0459

Universal Motorola/Cisco ATEX/IECEx Flame Proof Enclosure Zone1/21, IP66. The iWAP 100 zone 1 Universal Access Point is designed to deploy wireless networks in hazardous areas.

RRP Call for Pricing


Motorola AP300 Enclosure ext-antenna (IP66) Polycarbonate Clear

Product ID: 0000-0472

Polycarbonate Enclosure (IP66) with clear lid that fits external and internal Motorola AP300 antennas.

RRP £ 231.00  


Motorola MC9060G Holster, ballistic nylon, Vehicle top mounted

Product ID: 0000-0303

This Vehicle top mounted Motorola MC9060G Holster is made of ballistic nylon. Inc. safety strap.

RRP Call for Pricing


Motorola MC70 (EDA) Holster, ballistic nylon with cell clip

Product ID: 0000-0519

MotorolaMC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) Holster, ballistic nylon, with cell clip. Fits standard and Extended battery models

RRP £ 41.00  


Motorola MC70/MC75 (EDA) charging vehicle cradle, plastic

Product ID: 0000-0525

Motorola MC70 / MC75 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) Charging Vehicle cradle, plastic

RRP £ 71.09  


Motorola MC9200G / MC9190G / MC9090G Case

Product ID: 0000-0494

Motorola MC9200G / MC9190G / MC9090G Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) Protective Softcase, ballistic nylon, keys and display exposed, with swivel connection belt.

RRP £ 87.41  


Motorola MC9000K Holster for hip use with belt, ballistic nylon

Product ID: 0000-0439

Smartly finished Motorola MC9000K Hip Holster with belt.

RRP £ 56.91  


Motorola AP 300 / AP 650 / 621 / 6521 / 6532 (int antenna) Brack

Product ID: 0000-0102

Mounting solution bracket for Motorola AP 300/ AP 650/ AP 621/ AP 6521 / AP 6532 (internal antennas) Can be hung or screwed to a ceiling with screws or chains (sold separately)

RRP £ 20.95


Motorola MC67/MC65/MC55 Metal bracket, Belt Quick Release Clip 1

Product ID: 0000-0748

Motorola MC67/MC65/MC55 Metal bracket with Belt Quick Release Clip 1, keys and display are exposed.

RRP £ 14.57  


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Motorola MC9200G / 9190G / 9090G Vehicle Top Mounted Holster

The best selling holster for the Motorola MC9200G / MC9190G / MC9090G Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA). Made from ballistic nylon for all day and everyday use.

RRP £ 176.40


AP650 (external antenna) bracket, metal, mounting solution

AP650 (external antenna) bracket, metal, clips into place, no screws required to mount AP650 to bracket.

RRP £ 50.00


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