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This device provides everything your mobile task workers need to achieve a new level of enterprise productivity– whether they are in the warehouse, on the delivery route, on the retail floor taking inventory, or in a hospital.

Prices are indicative & subject to change

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         CASES                                                                      HOLSTERS

MC75/MC70 1.5x Battery and Battery Door Kit

Product ID: BHMO-0032

MC75/MC70 Batt Kit-1.5x HMC70-Li(36) is a 1.5x battery for the MC70/MC75. It replaces the OEM 1x and 1.5x battery packs & offers significantly longer run-time Min order qty 10 off

RRP £ 41.40


GTS MC70/75 3 Bay Battery Charger

Product ID: CHMO-0017

GTS Batteries Motorola MC70/75 3 Bay Battery Charger.

RRP £ 122.00


Motorola MC70 intermediate battery, Case, synthetic with screen

Product ID: 0000-0640

Motorola MC70 inter batt, Case, rubber coated, screen flap. Fits Brodit Cradle and Desktop Charger. Fits 1.5x Model with; BTRY-MC7XEAB00(82-71364-05). 1.5x Batt Door & Handstrap KT-105878-0

RRP £ 25.00  


Motorola MC75/ MC70 Holster, Synthetic with velcro flap and QRC1

Product ID: 0000-0639

Motorola MC75/ MC70 Holster, Synthetic, full width velcro flap. Quick Release Clip 1 Belt clip. Fits MC70 1.5x Batt Model with; BTRY-MC7XEAB00(82-71364-05) with 1.5x Batt Door & Handstrap

RRP £ 31.00  


Motorola MC7094 (EDA) Case, Synthetic with screen flap

Product ID: 0000-0641

Motorola MC7094(ext batt), Padded case with screen flap. Fits with Brodit Cradle and Desktop Charger Fits Model with 2x Batt (BTRY-MC70EAB02, 82-71364-02), 2x Batt Door & Handstrap (KT-794

RRP £ 25.00  


Motorola MC75/70(Extended battery) Holster, with top flap and be

Product ID: 0000-0632

Motorola MC75/70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)Synthetic Holster with Full Width Velcro Flap and Webbing Belt Loop Extended Battery. Fits model with; 2x Battery (BTRY-MC70EAB02, 82-7136

RRP £ 22.50  


MC7094 (Extended battery,GPS, EDA) Leather Case, screen flap

Product ID: 0000-0744

MC7094 (Ext batt), leather case with screen flap. fits Brodit cadle & desktop charging cradle. Fits model with; 2x Batt (BTRY-MC70EAB02, 82-71364-02), 2x Batt Door & Handstrap(KT-79429-01R)

RRP £ 34.00  


Motorola MC7004 / MC7090 / MC7094 / MC75 Holster

Product ID: 0000-0711

Motorola MC7004 / MC7090 / MC7094 / MC75, Synthetic Holster with Central Velcro Flap, Webbing Belt Loop (any Battery)

RRP £ 20.50  


Motorola MC7094 (pistolgrip) Case, ballistic nylon

Product ID: 0000-0537

Motorola MC7094 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) Case, ballistic nylon, with pistol grip and extended battery, keys and display exposed,with shoulder strap.

RRP £ 56.00  


Motorola MC7094 GPS (EDA,Dockable), Case, synthetic

Product ID: 0000-0645

Motorola MC7094 Enterprise Digital Assistant(EDA)GPS(Extended Battery), Case, synthetic, keys and display exposed for use. Can use with Brodit Cradle and Desktop Charger

RRP £ 23.00  


Motorola MC7094 GPS, Intermediate battery, Case, Synthetic

Product ID: 0000-0642

Motorola MC7094 GPS Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) with Intermediate battery, padded case with elastic gusset.

RRP £ 23.00  


Motorola MC7094 (Any battery,GPS) Case, Synthetic

Product ID: 0000-0602

Motorola MC7094 GPS, Padded synthetic Case any Battery. Can use with Brodit Cradle and Desktop Charger

RRP £ 29.00  


Motorola MC7094 (extended battery) Case, Synthetic with screen f

Product ID: 0000-0625

Motorola MC70 (extended battery) protective synthetic case, screen flap. Fits Brodit Cradle & Desktop Charger. Fits model with; 2x Batt(BTRY-MC70EAB02,82-71364-02), 2x Batt Door & Handstrap(

RRP £ 25.00  


Motorola MC7094 (extended battery, GPS) Case, Leather

Product ID: 0000-0709

Motorola MC70 (extended battery, GPS) protective Softcase,Leather. Fits model with; 2x Battery (BTRY-MC70EAB02, 82-71364-02), 2x Battery Door and Handstrap (KT-79429-01R)

RRP £ 34.00  


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