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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to Multiplexx Technologies FAQ page.
Below you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions:



When was Multiplexx Technologies founded?

Multiplexx was founded in 1995 by a combination of project managers, logistic professionals and IT specialists. The business has since grown to become a total solutions partner in the provision of Support and Managed services for the AIDC industry across the world.

Where is Multiplexx Technologies headquarters?

Our headquarters are in a new purpose built Configuration & Commissioning Centre within Dunsfold Park, Surrey, UK. The site is one of the prime sites available in the South East, situated adjacent to the airfield. This move represented a great step for Multiplexx, we have acquired more space and facilities in order to sustain our continuous growth as a leading Enterprise Mobility Products & Solutions Provider.

What services does Multiplexx Technologies provide?

Multiplexx provides a range of services to optimise the benefits of technology and minimise the risk to business. The services are focused on maximising availability by providing a robust, stable yet flexible environment. Our range of solutions, developed through extensive experience over the past 20+ years, consist of product enhancement, hardware modification, accessories, project management, logistics and administration support services.

What products are available?


Cases & Holsters


We offer a wide large range of cases and holsters to meet any requirement, in the warehouse to in the field; our ranges give your staff the flexibility to work efficiently.




Our Cradles offer a convenient place to store PDA's when in use in a Vehicle/on a Desktop or when not in use and need to be kept away from potential damage.




We provide brackets designed to work in all environments, aesthetically pleasing and durable to protect your Network equipment from damage.




Our Enclosures meets any requirement, from indoor, outdoor and watertight enclosures. All our enclosures are either NEMA or IP rated to give you the comfort in knowing they will perform to a standard when it matters most.


What is a typical lead-time for our products?

Period between receipt of an order and time until when it is available for packing or shipment varies from product to product. For example, the lead time between the placement of an order and delivery of a new holster may be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

What is the difference between case and holster?


Our Cases, designed to be permanently attached to a device at all time, can be used in conjunction with accessories such as styluses, belt clips and shoulder straps. To view one of our most popular cases, please click here.


The holster is an item used to hold or restrict the undesired movement of a PDA, most commonly in a location where it can be easily withdrawn for immediate use. Holsters can be carried on workers belt (belt loop required) or secured on one of your forklifts/walls. It is an excellent way to protect your device from knocks and drops while being used in the field. To check out one of our most popular holsters, please click here.

What is a gun / pistol grip holster?

It is a holster that accommodates units with gun / pistol grip handles. The unit slips into the holster while the gun-shaped-grip sticks outside the holster for quick access. To view one of our best selling pistol grip holsters, please click here.

What different materials are available?

Multiplexx provides the best quality products available on the market. Our cases and holsters are made from leather, ballistic nylon, synthetic and other rugged materials. Our cases and holsters collection has been known for their attractive non-bulky designs, smooth fine material, and full access to all ports and buttons.


Multiplexx leather cases and holsters usually have a tight fit covering the bottom and sides of the PDA. The thin leather wraps around all sides of the PDA with buttons and ports exposed by cut-outs including small reset holes where applicable.

Ballistic nylon

Ballistic nylon is a thick, tough, synthetic nylon fabric used for a variety of our PDA's cases and holsters. This material protects its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by knocks and drops.

PVC material

All buttons and ports can be covered by the PVC protective layer. A PVC layer is available with both leather and ballistic nylon products.

How can I request a catalogue to be sent out to my address?

To request the latest version of Multiplexx Technologies Catalogue please click here.

end faq



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Motorola MC9200G / 9190G / 9090G Vehicle Top Mounted Holster

The best selling holster for the Motorola MC9200G / MC9190G / MC9090G Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA). Made from ballistic nylon for all day and everyday use.

RRP £ 176.40


AP650 (external antenna) bracket, metal, mounting solution

AP650 (external antenna) bracket, metal, clips into place, no screws required to mount AP650 to bracket.

RRP £ 50.00


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