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What is Hot Staging?

Hot staging & configuration has become the new industry standard for companies looking to improve their level of efficiency and reliability in a working environment during the process of upgrading their infrastructure. This strategy involves working with an enterprise mobility management specialist like Multiplexx to plan out what infrastructure upgrades you want to do, and the safest way to complete them with the stability and capability of your workflow in mind. We will work seamlessly with your project management team to construct a replica of your digital working environment within our secure network, and utilise this to configure, stage, stress test, and streamline any new hardware and/or software you are looking to implement.

Benefits over on-site configuration

As quoted by our director of operations, Phil McLaughlin;

“Organisations who don’t hot-stage, do so at their own peril. Testing new applications & devices in a live environment mean you risk corrupting or interrupting your current business flow. By hot-staging, we can see that a particular application or piece of kit may not perform as well as expected, and together with the customer, we can come up with a solution before installation in its final environment.”

Almost every business we’ve ever spoken to could not afford to have an extended interruption to their workflow due to infrastructure issues, so that’s why we introduce hot-staging at an early point in the conversation, to ease any concerns from the outset.

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Why you should choose Multiplexx

Combining over 50 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built a world class team of highly trained staff and experienced technicians, fully capable of utilising our state-of-the-art hot-staging, logistics, and project management facilities to empower our customers to choose complete system configurations, and test without interruption of live services.

Hot-staging shortens our customers’ setup and testing process, significantly boosting efficiency while reducing risk of down time. Can you afford not to take advantage of all of these competitive edges in your organisation?

  • A faster implementation timeline
  • Reliability and business continuance focus, including failover testing
  • Enhanced performance, measured as high as 16x for certain workloads
  • A controlled environment which is less error prone
  • Flexibility to upgrade and expand as part of the configuration as a process
  • Boost your organisation's comfort level with solutions
  • Add proof-of-concept (POC) testing and load-testing outside your live system environment and prevent downtime by ensuring your systems have the performance levels and capacity needed to handle various loads, increase capacity or reduce load during peak or off-peak periods
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Store, configure, test, and ship units from one central location with Multiplexx. When you let us manage your complete project, you get the Multiplexx advantage – safe, cost efficient, complete configuration and project management from start to finish.

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