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Dunsfold Park in Cranleigh, Business Park & Aerodrome is not only home to the BBC's Top Gear but also home to Multiplexx Technologies. Established in 1995, leveraging 50 years of experience and 25 years of meeting clients’ needs, Multiplexx is an industry-leading Enterprise Mobility Staging & Configuration partner for Zebra Technologies (formerly Symbol and Motorola).

Enterprise Mobility Specialist Secretly Configures a Staggering 5 Million Mobile Devices!

Technically Multiplexx didn't configure all those devices in secret; however, until recently, they were probably the industry's best-kept secret, despite working with big-name retailers! Now Multiplexx is ready to step into the limelight, showcasing a brand-new website, revitalised social media channels, technology blog and online store. Well, every little helps…

So, what does Multiplexx have to offer?

Multiplexx specialises in creating unique enterprise mobility solutions that streamline business processes, improve visibility into operations and optimise business performance. Signature Services include Staging & Configuration of your mobile devices, Project Management, Warehouse Solutions and Shipping & Logistics.

Warehousing, Shipping & Logistics

Multiplexx offers warehousing solutions to accommodate project rollouts, with a 24/7 level 3 accredited security-managed facility. Project management and logistical capabilities ensure stock is ready to be shipped across the UK and Worldwide.

Staging, Configuration & Kitting Services

The Multiplexx team has unparalleled experience with leading mobile device management software vendors, including Soti MobiControl, Vmware Airwatch and Avanti Avalanche. End-to-end mobile device management guarantees your devices are configured, kitted, and deployed quickly; typical product turnaround is just 1-3 days, and delivery is worldwide. Services include MDM Enrolment, Cellular Activations, Device Personalisation, Staging & Testing, Asset Tagging, Asset Management, Battery Charging, Custom Kitting & Labelling, and Inventory Management.

Multiplexx Technologies Store

A new addition to the company website is the Multiplexx Technologies Store.

Conveniently search by device model number for your Zebra, Motorola, or Symbol Computing device accessories for both new and legacy devices.

Choose from an extensive range of Cases, Holsters, Belts, Clips and Straps. Multiplexx plans to add new products regularly, so if you don't see what you need, get in touch.

Multiplexx in Numbers…



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